Meet the Purple Lotus Staff

Julie Stone

Founder & Owner

Julie is the founder and owner of Purple Lotus Yoga LLC. Julie is a 500 hr CYT private and group yoga teacher. Through Julie’s extensive training, continuing education, and self-practice she has come to the belief that slow, mindful practice that focuses on calming and resetting the mind and body is exactly what our society needs.

We are under continual emotional and physical stress and we deserve a place to let go of the outside world, clear our minds and just be. When you come into the studio to take a class or have a one-on-one session you will be nourishing and honoring your body where it is at that time. 

Our Teachers



Certified Yoga Teacher & Certified Inner Wisdom Yoga Therapy

 Kira is a 200 hr CYT and a Certified Inner Wisdom Yoga Therapy practitioner. Kira came to yoga at one of the most stressful times in her life. She and her husband were struggling to conceive and yoga changed their lives. Through a devoted asana practice and Inner Wisdom Yoga Therapy with Jennifer Langsdale, she was able to heal her body, mind, and spirit. Yoga helped Kira fill in the gaps that modern medicine couldn’t, and now, she is a proud momma of two beautiful little girls!

Experiencing the power of yoga and yoga therapy firsthand motivated her to teach and help others experience the benefits of yoga on whatever journey they are on. Yoga is truly Kira’s passion and life’s calling and when you come into one of her classes you can expect a welcoming, comfortable and body-positive environment where you will be nurtured, supported, and motivated.

You will feel the passion within her as she teaches each class from the heart, sending loving and positive energy to all as they engage in their practice.  



Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

Lisa resumed her yoga journey seven years ago, to deal with back and hip issues due to sciatica. Yoga allowed her to move without discomfort and improved her mental health as well. Lisa completed her 200hr teacher training in 2019 from Awaken Yoga and became a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist in 2020.

Since completing her 200 hr YTT, Lisa has acquired additional certifications in Yoga for all Bodies, Yin Yoga, and Mindful Meditation. Lisa aims to teach in a way that is accessible and allows students to make their practice their own.



Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Melissa is a 500 hr certified yoga teacher, a certified meditation teacher and a certified breathwork facilitator.

“I teach yoga to help others achieve the openness of heart and mind that I have experienced as a result of my yoga practice. My motto is to live life with integrity and empathy and to be a positive force in the lives of others.

I teach vinyasa, power, slow flow, yin, gentle, beginners, and chair yoga. My favorite classes to teach are a medium-paced flow with unique sequences that really focus on the breath and linking each pose to the next artfully and naturally. I enjoy taking time to settle into each pose, breathe, and then move to the next pose, but at the same time keep a pace that challenges the student. I like to focus on proper alignment and my classes can be modified for any level of the student.”



Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Jodi is a 200hr CYT who has been practicing yoga since 2001. Her love for yoga is rooted in its ability to bring you into the present moment, relieve stress and anxiety, and allow space to connect with what you find most meaningful in life. Yoga is a natural fit with her training and background in the field of Psychology.

With the fundamental belief that there is a strong mind-body connection to overall health, Jodi has found that regular yoga practice helps to integrate and balance physical, emotional and mental well being. Jodi loves to practice slow flow with a focus on accepting yourself exactly where you are, grounding into the present moment, breath work and connecting with personal intention.


Hi I am Christina. I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and instructing for about 5 years. I spend much of my time with my 3 beautiful children. Aside from yoga, I value my time hiking in the woods, running, painting, listening to music and reading. I have been a cosmetologist for about 17 years and also work in the school system that my children attend. 

Yoga has guided me to my center, my true self, my breath and my light over the years. To feel and to see my strength, and to become calm, soft and bright has helped me become more present and more mindful each day. My offering is that you will experience the same. I look forward to sharing my passion and practice with you.

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